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To kick of 2024, Bek Antonucci and I had an unreal conversation about Anxious Attachment on her Raw, Real & Vulnerable Podcast.

Here is our episode description:

“Do you experience embarrassment, confusion or frustration around your anxious attachment style?

Do you feel incredibly strong and secure within yourself UNTIL you start dating? Does the thought of dating and opening your heart to someone create a lot of sensitivity and insecurity within you?

Have you noticed unhealthy behaviours show up when you are dating? Things like compulsively checking your phone, re-reading old messages, checking to see when he is or isn’t online, checking to see if you have been left on read, checking his followers / following count to see if he has liked and followed someone new, or if someone new has liked and followed him. If you answered yes to any of the above, likely, you are anxiously attached and I want you to know that is totally okay and very normal.

Today I dive into all things ANXIOUS ATTACHMENT with renowned relationship expert and women’s attachment coach Jayden Leigh Hargreaves. Jayden has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD of achieving life-changing results in supporting women who are anxiously attached to moving into SECURE. Jayden supports women to regulate their emotions, heal their relationships, and rediscover their identity.

We cover:

🦋 The ORIGINS of why anyone becomes anxious in the first place,

🦋 What ANXIOUS ATTACHMENT actually is,

🦋 How to IDENTIFY if you were emotionally ABANDONED as a child,

🦋 How you can have a seemingly healthy upbringing but STILL be anxiously attached,

🦋 3 PRACTICAL STEPS to support any woman who identifies with being anxiously attached so that you can begin your journey towards feeling secure

…and so much more.”

Listen to the episode:

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