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Parallaxx Perspectives Podcast

I had the privilege of speaking with my good friend Daniel Lawson on his Parallax Perspectives Podcast about cultivating emotional depth. Here’s our epic episode description:
“Parallaxx Perspective conversions delve into those that challenge norms and expand choice. In this episode, we take a transformative journey into the world of emotional intimacy and relationships with the renowned Jayden Leigh.

Jayden, is an expert in discovering, recovering, and cultivating emotional connections, particularly in the context of relationships. His unique journey from aspiring to coach men to finding his true calling in coaching women is both intriguing and enlightening.

We discuss the often-overlooked aspect of emotional depth, challenging the mainstream fixation on mindset. Jayden eloquently demystifies how mindset, while significant, is just a piece of the puzzle, and how much of our personal challenges are deeply rooted in unaddressed emotional landscapes.

The conversation also ventures into the realm of spiritual bypassing – a critical and often misunderstood concept in personal development. Jayden’s ability to articulate these complex topics in relatable terms is not only refreshing but also eye-opening, providing listeners with a new lens to view their emotional journeys.

This episode is a wealth of insights, including practical advice for starting the journey towards emotional healing and the profound impact of emotional work on achieving holistic success in life.”

Listen to the episode:


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