Lynne Kurelek Testimonial

“Working with Jayden has changed my life, and brought a new sense of peace and joy to my closest relationships; with my children and my husband.

When we started working together, I was an exhausted mum and wife. I was tired, frustrated, and unhappy. I was also carrying guilt and anger that I was barely even allowing myself to feel.

Jayden helped me uncover those emotions and bring them up to light. He helped make them less terrifying and feel possible to solve.

He did this in the most gentle, understanding and intelligent way – so the insights he shared and the realisations he helped me to find always felt like new, real possibilities that I could use to move forward.

Because of this, I’ve found my voice in ways I hadn’t been able to access before. Our family is becoming more whole and more connected. Our future is full of hope and love.

Thank you, Jayden, for this gift.

Any parent, wife, husband, or partner who wants a deeper, more meaningful connection with the people who matter most should work with Jayden. I highly recommend giving him a call.”

– Lynne Kurelek

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