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Olivia Friel
"...He provides incredible insight and asks questions that make you think about things you may not have even considered."
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Amelia Murrie
"I felt a huge relief that I not only had insight to where the anxiety was coming from, I also felt a lightness around it afterwards..."
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Sarah Schmiedler
"...Thank you so much Jayden Leigh for coaching me through this and helping me ready myself for the rebuilding. Always grateful for your compassionate guidance and wisdom."
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Be Loud About What Matters Podcast
Be Loud About What Matters Podcast with Olivia Friel discussing the topic: Internal Healing and Mindful Parenting.
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Lynne Kurelek
"...I’ve found my voice in ways I hadn’t been able to access before. Our family is becoming more whole and more connected. Our future is full of hope and love."
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Denisa Marcurova's Video
" a result of working with Jayden, I find myself to be more calm, peaceful and most importantly a better person for my kids. And I have developed a better relationship with myself. Which is priceless."
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