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Reclaim YOU has LAUNCHED!
I’m beyond excited to announce the official launch of the Reclaim YOU online coaching program. Reclaim YOU is a 6-month online coaching program designed from the ground up...
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Tarsi Sohos Hynes Testimonial
"For anyone considering living a happy, peaceful and prosperous life, Jayden is your guide..."
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Tamie Austrums Testimonial
"Working with Jayden has been life changing. He really challenges me with compassion and care..."
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Natalie Karras Testimonial
"Being coached by Jayden has been truly transformative..."
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Katrina Louise Video Interview
I’m so excited to share this epic interview with you all. Katrina, you have grown so much. Not only for your kids but for yourself!
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Melissa Hamilton Video Interview
“…I learned my worth. I learned that I needed to enforce it with family, work colleagues, and friends. Everybody around me was so used to me just being so relaxed and I was able to actually...
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Natalie Reid Video Interview
“The best thing I ever did was get coaching with Jayden Leigh. He truly helped me changed my mindset of myself, understanding my personal values, boundaries, not allowing others actions or behaviours...
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Jessie Chivers Video Interview
"...I'm just happy to do what I want to do and be who I want to be and I've never felt that before."
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Interview with Monika Zakrawacz
I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Monika and we discuss the power of the mind, emotional work and connecting to yourself.  Where can you find Monika? Heal Your Life with...
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Zuzanna Burchard Testimonial
"...You helped me to connect with my emotions, reconnect with my childhood trauma and initiate the process of healing."
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Facebook Group Launch!
The Emotions and Conscious Connection group is designed to be a safe space to help support a growing community for mums and women who are ready to discover what it means to be truly free and be in control...
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Sam Kate Stacey Testimonial
“Working with Jayden over our last 3 sessions has been such a needed wake up call for me to start practicing what I teach to others. He has called me out on what I have subconsciously known for a...
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