Cheyenne Davies Testimonial

Coaching with Jayden has been a life changing experience for me.

Through having such a grounded, healthy masculine hold space for me, I have been able to heal parts of myself I never thought possible.

Throughout our sessions I am encouraged, challenged, and acknowledged every step of the way which has created an incredible shift in how I think and experience my reality.

His ability to create safety around feeling your emotions is amazing. I was able to release a lot of pain that had been stored in my body (especially my heart space) for a very long time.

The most special part about coaching with Jayden is the radical love and acceptance you feel throughout the entire session. I know that I can bring all my mess and my fire and he will champion me for it, whilst pushing me to greater heights because he can see my potential.

You know that Jayden is there to genuinely help you achieve what you desire, and even get clear if you don’t know what that is yet.

If you are ready to start showing up in your life, and making everything happen FOR you, then I highly recommend coaching with Jayden. To have someone like him in your corner is priceless.


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