Amelia Murrie Testimonial

Jayden and I connected on facebook and there was something about Jaydens communication that was very grounded and gave me a feeling of relief from all the other noise of social media.

He was genuine and authentic and I learnt from listening to a podcast he shared with me, that he has gained quite deep and life changing insights into the importance of healing on his own journey as a father – and can use his wisdom to now support mums on their journeys.

Our first call was great – although I have done a few years of personal growth work, Jayden was able to direct the session in a way that revealed a quite obvious pattern that has been causing me anxiety for many years.

So, I felt a huge relief that I not only had insight to where the anxiety was coming from, I also felt a lightness around it afterwards. And funnily enough, the feeling of overwhelm that seemed to have nothing to do with the anxiety, seems to have mellowed too, something I have been struggling with for years.

I would highly recommend having a chat with Jayden if you are needing support and guidance in any area of mum life.

– Amelia Murrie

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